Pourvoirie Manicouagan, formerly called Labrador Air Safari, is located north of Baie-Comeau, in the north shore of the St-Lawrence River in Quebec. We hold several camps on different lakes that we operate on an exclusive basis.

The access to the camps is exclusively made by seaplane from the bases of Air Saguenay in Baie-Comeau and Manic 5. Since the packages available are all European plans, we don’t provide the food and we don’t offer guides services. However, the cost of the seaplane is included in our rates.

If you are looking for American plan fishing packages (guide and food included), we own another outfitter which is located on the majestic Caniapiscau River. Like Pourvoirie Manicouagan, it’s only accessible by floatplane but from the base of Air Saguenay in Labrador City. A visit worth it since you’ll practice the real genuine trophy fishing (speckled trout, Lake Trout, Pike and ouananiche).

Please check Club Chambeaux website for more information on our packages.

Fishing packages

Choose your next fishing trip in one of our lakes, where many trophies are waiting for you.

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Hunting package

Nothing better than to bring the aircraft to hunt, or where there is the most beautiful specimens.

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Our lakes

View maps of the most beautiful lakes of northern Quebec and plan your next dream vacation.

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An incredible potential that we must protect

Air Saguenay (1980) Inc., our air carrier, and is operating under very strict Transport Canada Safety Regulation. Their pilots are very professional and selected among the best.

Fly-in only, at distance ranging from 75 to 300 air milesdistance from our Sea Plane Base located in Baie-Comeau, Québec. Since there is no road access, the variety of species and the quality of the catches are exceptional. Most of our sites have trail to others lakes or ponds, with boat or canoes are available.

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