Thank you for your reservation. You may look forward to an enjoyable outdoor vacation. For your benefit we have prepared the following list of information you should know. Please read carefully ALL the information regarding your vacation as your reservation constitutes a contract between you and Pourvoirie Manicouagan. You should keep this document with the other material (Confirmation letter, road map, etc.) you will want to bring with you on your trip.


Your trip is being arranged with the understanding you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions outlined in the Pourvoirie Manicouagan brochure. Of course, as party leader, we are relying on you to give your partners all the necessary information pertaining to your trip including the type of facilities that will be provided, rate, additional costs, etc.


 You will find on this contract:

  • the date and the number of days of your stay;
  • the seaplane baseof your departure;
  • the name of your camp;
  • the price of the package as well as a schedule of deposits that we offer.

Note that you can always choose to pay for your trip with a single payment upon receipt of the contract. However, if you book your trip less than 30 days before departure, we will ask you to pay to whole amount by credit card or by certified check upon receipt of the contract.

However, if you agree to the schedule proposed in the contract, the first deposit of 30% must be made upon receipt of your contract in order to validate your reservation.

All balances of payments should be settled not later than 30 days prior your trip departure date. All payments should be made in Canadian funds. This can be easily done with a cashiers check in Canadian funds available at your bank. Another way to handle this balance payment is to send us a credit card number including the type of card, (Visa or Mastercard only) with the expiration date and CVV. With your authorization, Pourvoirie Manicouagan will charge this balance of payment to your credit card. The amount charged will be the Canadian amount and your local bank handling your credit card will convert this in U.S. funds when they bill you. This way, you won’t have to worry about the conversion, rate of exchange etc. Failure to receive your balance of payment or credit card authorization on time wiIl be considered a cancellation on your part.

If you cancel your trip, the first 30% deposit won’t be refunded. And if you cancel less than 30 days before departure, you won’t be refunded at all.

Please make cheque payable to Pourvoirie Manicouagan Inc. We will accept both, but we will now return cheque payable to Labrador Air Safari.


The camps include all solar lighting, a stove and a fridge on propane, an oil furnace, a standard bathroom with shower and hot water, utensils, glasses, pans, etc.

Because all of our packages are European plans, you will need to bring:

  • Food, drinking water and other beverages, paper toilet, towel, extra resistant garbage bags;
  • Warm and lightweight clothes, raincoat, boots, waders;
  • Fishing equipment, net;
  • Sleeping bag and pillowcase. We provide the pillow;
  • Personal effects (camera, soap, towels, razor, washing dishes, medications, first aid kit, sunglasses, insect repellent, etc).

Since you are fishing without guides, we recommend the use of portable fish Iocating equipment (Sonar). A fish locator won’t catch or land a fish for you, but may save you time and add to your fishing success, if used properly. You’ll be able to charge it into a 12V socket in the camp (the kind you find in cars).

Don’t forget your compass even if the cards of territories you will be given upon arrival.

However, you should avoid non-essential items as a weight limit per customer is accepted. If you are a group of 2 to 4 people, you will travel by Beaver. Your maximum weight limit will therefore be 1200 pounds, including passengers. If you are 5 or 6 people, you will be traveling in a Turbo-Otter and your maximum limit will be more like 2400 pounds including passengers. Unfortunately, this policy is not flexible since Air Tunilik is subject to aviation regulations and above all, we care about your safetyYour entire luggage will be weighed prior to departure. However if you feel that you need essential items and you insist on them during your stay, you will have to rent, at your expense, an additional aircraft to transport this surplus. It is preferable for you to select your luggage.


For speckled trout, any small spinners or wobblers, shiny with a good action will do and if you want to use baits, you may bring some night crawlers (dew worms). These are available in Baie-Comeau if you don’t want to bother to take them with you. However, you are not allowed to use or even carry live or dead minnows in the Province of Quebec, at any time. If interested in fly fishing, you should bring a full kit of wets, dries, streamers and nymphs as it is impossible to foretell which flies will be most effective during a specific period.


Fishing licenses are no longer available at the seaplane office but you can buy one at those places:

-The corner store near the Baie-Comeau seaplane base: Couche-Tard, 2929 Boul. Laflèche

- Motel de l'energie Route 389 Km 211 near Manic 5's seaplane base.


We have satellite phones which will give you communication between the camp and their seaplane base. This is free of charge.

Weather delay

Seaplanes must operate under visual flight and transportation is subject to suitable weather conditions. Delays do occur occasionally. If you are late in arriving at the camp due to weather or other reasons beyond Air Tunilik’s control, there will be no rate adjustment.

However, if your return from camp is delayed, there will be no extra charge. Please make sure your relatives, and your partners, are aware that your return from camp may be delayed on account of bad weather conditions, so that they don’t worry if you are a little late getting back home. The same goes for business or other commitments.

Medical urgencies

Should you require medical attention while in Canada, you will be charged for the various services provided. You may also expect to pay for your seaplane transportation should you have to be flown out of a camp earlier, due to a medical reason. So be sure to check with your insurance agent before you leave home, to see if you have appropriate, and sufficient, coverage. If not, for a few dollars, you can purchase a travel medical insurance that will cover you while in Canada.

Helpful hints

During our meeting before departure, be sure to advise us if you are not fully aware of the equipment running on propane, outboard motors etc. Our plane pilot will be more than happy to help you with these equipments on arrival at your camp.


Departure from Manic 5


Air Tunilik floatplane base is located on the Lac Louise near the Manic 5 dam. Its geographic coordinates are N 50° 39' 27" W 68° 49' 22". From Baie-Comeau, take Boulevard Lasalle to QC-138E. Then you follow QC-389N to Rivière-aux-Outardes, finally, drive 200km (125 miles) and turn left toward Les Sept-Lacs; you’ll find the seaplane base 13km further.

See Lac Louise location on Google Maps


The departure from the seaplane base will be around 9:00 in the morning. However, there may be some delay due to the weather. The flight will last about 15 minutes.

In order to arrive as soon as possible at your camp, we suggest that you arrive at the seaplane base about 1 hour before your departure, around 8:00 am. We will give you the instructions, weigh you and your luggage, and load the plane.

For your car, there is free parking at the hydrobase. However, please be aware that Air Tunilik and Pourvoirie Manicouagan are not responsible for the vehicles, their contents or any other equipment that you leave inside during your departure.

Since the Manic 5 base is a 2h30 drive from Baie-Comeau, we also offer you the possibility of sleeping in a small camp at the seaplane base the day before your departure, free of charge. This is a small and basic camp so if you want to be more comfortable, you can always rent a room at the Energy Motel at your own expense. If you're more of an early riser, you can also sleep in Baie-Comeau.


If you wish and your schedule allows it, you can also take advantage of your stay with us to visit the magnificent Manic 5 dam:

Motel de l’énergie
Route 389, Km 211,
Manic-5 (Québec)
G5C 2T2

Toll free: 1-800-760-2301

This early arrival may also allow you to see the magnificent Manic 5 dam for free. You can plan your visit here:

Make sure you make your own travel arrangement as soon as possible as they rarely accept last minute reservations.


We wish you the best possible trip in our remote but beautiful camps and hope that you will catch a fish so big, that you will never have to lie again, when talking about it...

Bon Voyage and tight ones... See you soon!

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